Events for 2021

Sat 17 April
Kathleen Butters Trophy. Charity One Ball Tournament

Weds 5 May
Golf league match v Letchworth (home, 11am)

Weds 12 May
Assn league match v Pinchbeck (away, 10am)

Sat 15 May
Peggy's Plant. Golf singles

Mon 24 May
Golf league match v Peterborough (home, 10)

Sat 26 June
Stow Pan. Assn singles

Sat 3 July
Barrett Pot. Golf doubles

Sat 24 July
Champagne. Assn singles

Mon 2 Aug
Assn league match v Peterborough (away, 10)

Sat 14 August
Hipgrave. Assn for high handicaps only

Sat 4 Sept
Egyptian. Assn singles


Events for 2020

5 October
Lawn 1 closed for maintenance. Lawn 2 remains open into October depending on weather.

End of season games/picnic

27 September
Alt Stroke Doubles

12 September

30 August

8 August 2020

26 July 2020
Barrett Pot

18 July 2020
The trial running of the Kathleen Butters Trophy shows that we can hold a tournament on the day which we hope to do from now on, pandemic permitting....

We await the end of the Covid 19 lockdown period before resuming normal service....

Peggy's Plant is played over several weeks...concluding in mid- July.

15 May 2020
Play resumes...carefully.
We will play all the tournaments in the order below (with the exception of the Barrett Pot which is Doubles) on the following basis:

1. I invite members to enter.
2. Those interested reply to me.
3. I let everyone know who is playing and do an initial draw to get things going.
4. Players book a lawn using the new electronic system.
5. Send me the results.
6. Players then play another person. 
7. With all games played, we have a winner!

Events for 2019

Sat 6 April       Season opens (buffet lunch)
Thurs 16 May.  Cambridge University v EACF
Sat 25 May.     Peggy's Plant
Sun 26 May     Stow Pan
Sat 6 July       Barrett Pot
Sun 21 July       Barbecue
Sun 18 Aug      Champagne
Sat 31 Aug      Hipgrave
Sat 14 Sept     Egyptian  
Sun 13 Oct        Season closes (laying up supper)

All tournaments are 10 for 10-30 start
Barrett and Peggy's are Golf
Hipgrave is for high handicaps/beginners
Stow Vase is played through the season
League and friendly matches may be arranged for Association and Golf

Club night - Wednesday 4pm onwards
Possible Club Day on Saturdays.

Coaching sessions will run on Tuesday evenings in May.


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